The process of Globalization in front of revision

After collapse of the “Berlin” Wall, which was a symbol of separation of capitalist world and communist world, it became supremacy of the United States

Hiwa Majid khalil PhD
PhD in political Development, Sallahddin University

The process of globalization is one of global phenomena that, after 1990s and global monopoly, was able to dominate many international political and economic organizations and reestablish rules of trade associations around the world. Furthermore, it forces countries to privatize economic sector and open borders to goods transportation. Often they obey laws imposed by the world's powerful countries under the excuse of trading and occurring free world. But China's emergence as an economic superpower and then Russia's attempt to regain a higher position in resolving political and economic equations and then emergence of the Corona virus that was contrary to global claims that demanded the opening of borders, however, Corona has led to closure of borders. These are all reasons why scientists in the fields of politics, economics and international law are currently reviewing achievements and disadvantages of a process of globalization.

What is the process of globalization?

It has developed a very simple definition of globalization in order to be approved by the communities. In this simple definition, globalization is "free exchanges of goods, ideas and human beings". A definition that, in its first view, is acceptable, but in reality it is difficult to implement. Because there is question, which we can ask, "What kind of goods and ideas do the third world and undeveloped countries export to developed countries?" Besides, the experience of past thirty years has proved that the free movement of humans is not presence and day by day State-Nations tighten their borders.

Corona Virus and globalization

Within the rise of coronavirus globally and locally, some believes have emerged that the process of globalization will either stop or deeply change. In spite of these two opinions, we can say that in the corona era, two contradictory processes occurred, but at the same time they were similar;

First; it causes of solidarity and sympathy around the world

Second; closing borders and staying in conflict. For example, some of European countries have begun to seize ships carrying masks; preventing citizens from other countries to entering another country's borders. Even in distribution of Anti-Corona vaccines, priority was for developed Western countries, Israel and Japan as well.

The world has faced serious problems in the era of globalization; this means that economic crises, environmental problems, diseases and civil wars are no longer local issues, but hereafter they are global questions. After withdrawal of allied forces from Afghanistan, which has led to migration of the country's population, can no longer, be considered a local issue of "Afghanistan". Burning forests of Turkey, Italy, Cyprus, Algeria, Russia and the United States, it is considered a sign of global warming that poses a threat to all humanity and the global environment as well. In this regard, as long as these events affect entire humanity, then in the process of globalization in post-Corona-era, it must create "general identity of humanity" in which all human beings around the world look at each other with eyes of "all of us".








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