Media Campaign (3) last part

All media campaigns need a pre-planned program and these plans have several specific steps and stages according to implementation times.
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Dr. Bahaddin Ahmed
Assist prof at Sulaimani Polytechnic University

"The plan of the media campaign"

All media campaigns need a pre-planned program and these plans have several specific steps and stages according to implementation times. Therefore, it is necessary for agencies and institutions to consider them, which are the following steps and stages;



1.Choosing the campaign’s subject
All media campaigns are precise to a specific topic. Whether it is to support a phenomenon and subject or to prevent them, such as the phenomenon of smoking, use of drugs, protect from diseases and pandemics, environmental protection, adherence to traffic guidelines or violence against women, donations to victims of natural disasters or supporting a candidate and political party’s list.


2.Addressing the campaign’s goal

Certainly, the media Campaign is planning process for behalf of reaching to the purpose or some specific goals; therefore, it requires indicating the goals of the Campaign before it began.


3.Selecting a target audience of the campaign

All the media campaign is directed to a specific target audience in a specific geographical area, such as a particular city, region, country or particular homeland. Those who prepare the campaign should know the people's personalities in detail, in terms of (number, race, age, profession, religion, nationality, certificate, their incomes, rates of populations, and their residential area, etc.).


4.Classifying factors on the campaign.

There should be a specific concerns on planning the Campaign in terms of sensitivity and relationship between the subjects of the campaign to (religion, traditions, law, values and social behavior, geographical environment, political, ideological, economic, the size of the mass and relationship with the social classes and public interests and ... etc.).

5.Providing a budget to the campaign

All the media campaign needs financial resources and providing money and funds in order to buy goods, necessities, advertisements, and providing services of the campaign's circles Etc.


6.Addressing the media campaign message

All the media campaign that is broadcasting on media channels and networks should have its own slogans and messages, which are suit with the Campaign’s goal and nature of the channel.


7.Choose an appropriate media channel

The media campaign message should reach to wide and different audiences through choosing the media channel in an active and continuous way at different geographical areas and locations through considering characteristics of: (race, age, language, nationality, profession, level of literacy, and residential areas).


8.Making the campaign’s operation room and special team and staff.

In order to control and implement the media campaign’s plan and monitor steps and solve problems. Also, leading affairs well by organizing missions, limiting works and authority of working, creating a network of local relations, coordination and success of the campaign process, the special operation room in the high committee of an executive of the team should make for behalf of lead the steps and stages of the campaign.


9.Selecting the technics and strategy of the campaign.

Media campaigns in terms of planning should be soft, so that they can be prepared for any situation, changes and any other happenings. It can also be easily implemented in terms of technology and control problems. There should be invention and innovation in scenarios of implementing and repeating slogans. For this purpose, it must to take benefits from the views of public.


10. Selecting time and period of running the campaign

The purpose is to set the steps and the stages of the campaign according to the time and period with consideration of implementing the steps (from the beginning to the end of the campaign).


11. Implementing and monitoring the campaign

The purpose of doing this is to have actual and complete steps of the campaign by the trained team and the special staff of the team's executive. Moreover, it is monitoring the campaign by authorized sides, agencies and institutions.


12. Evaluating the campaign

The purpose of evaluating of each campaign, process, work, and activities is to identify a weak and strong points of them. Evaluation is a solution of the weak points and continuing on the strong points of development in the aim of success of the process and reaching to specific goal.

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