Increasing Iraq’s population compared to Kurdistan region

The rapid increasing in numbers in any components leads to a risk that cannot be scientifically controlled.

Yadgar Ismail
University Lecturer

"The rapid increase in the population is damaging as an epidemic."

Is increasing Iraq's population has drawbacks to Kurdistan?

Why rapid increasing in Iraqi population has disadvantages to Kurdistan?

The rapid increasing in numbers in any components leads to a risk that cannot be scientifically controlled. Worse than all is rapid increases in population, which cannot be able to derive a scientific plan to deal with this phenomenon. The terms that deal with this phenomenon are "population statistics” or "Population environment” which are specialized to the number of population and the environment of the population. On both sides of rapid increasing and decreasing the number of population has prominent disadvantages.

The population is generally related to significant improvements in medical technology, lifestyle and public health, but these general impacts on political geography are not generalized and should be carefully investigated, for example, why Iraq has faced rapid population explosions.

Why is the population increasing is similar as an epidemic problem?

The rapid increasing in population is a problem and has overtaken from normal and natural growth of the population. This negative phenomenon is belonging to some factors: One of the reasons is a lack of plans for residents in order to outfit with the state's ability and income and public services as well. Another reason is a weakness of public culture and a lack of understanding by psychological, educational, physical and life needs of having too many children. In the terms of society, the rapid increasing number of the population has significant disadvantages, including increasing crimes, personal problems, illegal and unusual rivalry, limiting personal freedoms, development and education problems among families in education of their children.

What kind of caution International Scientific Research Centers provide us?

The number of the population of the Middle East is expected to become double by 2050. This percentage for a state like Iraq may become more than three times. Iraq's current prime minister's economic adviser has also warned that the country's population is growing more than any other country in the region. This is at a time when the increase in the number of local population in the Kurdistan Region is very slow and in some cities such as Sulaimaniyah, a rate of growth is very close to a typical increasing in developed countries.

What is the solution and how should it be treated in the Kurdistan Region?

The above reasons make a rapid change in the geography of the Kurdistan Region's population, which is incapable of the government to control. This unnatural change will lead to cultural, political and social difficulties, because unfortunately, the Kurdistan Parliament has not established a policy or law on protection of forms and languages to encourage foreigners and refugees to learn Kurdish.

On the other hand, taxes, processes and laws are not available in terms of property ownership. If the policy of language protection and protection of social, political and economic interests of the Kurdistan Region's population is not available and is not implemented in the service of a local population of the Kurdistan Region, there will be threats from all sides of the Kurdistan Region, such as pressure, complaints, demonstrations and protests from local citizens will increase.

Therefore, it is important for the government, as a federal region, to ratify its own laws and regulations, which serve its political stances and legal sovereignty. In addition, it should integrated the refugees with the community and encourage them to become a beneficial individual of Kurdistan. Therefore, instead they change the demography of Kurdistan; they will be able to provide their ability to develop the Kurdistan region.

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