Faraj’s narrations after the Anfal disaster (4) & the end

Faraj’s narrations in the fear of post-disaster, Peshmerge against death

Adil Qadry

Here I will go to the base and root of word of "Peshmerge" and I will bring out the core meaning and results that the opposite side of Peshmerge which is not Jash (refer to the Kurds who helped Baath regime against Peshmerge) but it is slavery and submission. While the Jash holds both of these characteristics but what destroy the formula is being Jash is a phenomenon by the external hands and invaders have been activated and directed. So it is not a duty, it is not a shadow and a reality! However it was created through the characteristics of slavery and submissions.

Peshmarga had a remarkable and unique readiness in our history, such name, idiom, as a reality and a product existence. This existence itself with a permanent source will be the reason to talk more about it. Especially some of the history of Peshmerge in modern world has been manifested and a main part of the introduction of existence is still unknown and even it was a pastoral and village word.

Rahimi Qazi, the writer of Peshmerge Novel in the preface of his book has a clear sign for this subject

The discovery of Peshmerge word is a story for itself. When the self-governing Republic of Kurdistan was established, Qazi Muhammad, who paid much concerns to Kurdish language and literature, had been assigned to find and use an attractive Kurdish word instead of the words of soldiers and sacrifices. So a line of Kurdish writers, artists, and experts will have a meeting regards to this purpose. They had a meeting for hours without reaching to an outcome. And then an old Kurdish who served them by bringing them tea and food suddenly asked them by saying "why are you tired of anything, while our ancestors have named brave men and their work as Peshmerge?” So by hearing the word of Peshmerge, we directly think of a brave, unafraid, patriotic, liberate and democratic Kurds.

Here we can talk about the main Peshmerge's characteristics in "Rahim Qazi's novel” which despite freedom and active roles, Peshmerge has the spirit of oppression, occupation, and ethnicity. It means that Peshmerge before entering our political literature was a man like "Pirot” in the novel. It means that he has faced the idea of the Kurdish old system and in the same time he has the idea of the Kurdish independence and always has the dream of freedom.

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