Faraj’s narrations after the Anfal disaster (3)

It is a true basis that whenever we come to talk about Anfal, there are still many secreted and unknown sides!

As I mentioned in the previous two parts, this silence and destruction of Kurds (Faraji Anfal as an example) before he was taken to "ArAr", it came to the point that we need to meet together, not only individuals, it means; Faraj as a general history and the community to be seen, otherwise the method of psychological in identifying and diagnosing this deterioration will face cuts. That's why we need to talk more about it to evaluate and introduce the experience of Faraj and his friends and put them under psychological questions. Moreover, it is important for Kurdish authority to establish a research and analysis center to this subject.

Now, apart from this conclusion, we will come to the question that i have in the first part, whether these suppressed and Anfal parties were present in our history and we have been defeated continuously? Where does the spirit of Kurdish defense and resistance in this narration and history? What is the representative of Peshmarga in the historical spirit of Kurds? In the detail of this article, I will deal with this this subject.

Nawshirwan Mustafa Amin writes on page 301 in the book "From Edge Danwbar to the Nawzang Round";

"One day in SarSheikhan, I lied to a big stone, and I looked at opposite mountain in front of me. I saw a line of people coming to the SarSheikhan. The area was empty, and there was no move on. I went on their way. And then I was more precisely looked at them, all of them were without weapons and wearing Kurdish clothes. They came to me and they didn't know me. I asked them, "What are you looking for in this empty mountain?”.

They said, "We will look for you”

I said, "Do you know who we are that you are looking for us?

They said, "Are not Peshmerge?

I said, "Yes, we are Peshmerge, what do you want?”

They said, "We want to be Peshmerge too.”

I said, "We are worried from this job and want to leave”

They said, "If you are worried, we will start with”

I said, "We do not have weapons to provide you”

They said, "We bring money and we will buy it”

I said, "We don’t have food to provide you”

They said, "We are a people of the area and can be able to achieve”.

They were moved people of Qandil area who were received the money of village’s compensation. When they received the money they directly decided to come to join Peshmerge. I warmly welcomed them and brought them to our main base. Mam Jalal and others were waiting to see who are they and what they want. I went and told the story to them. I said "this nation will never die, we are tired from ourselves, and they just now want to start”.

As we see in this narration of "Nawshirwan Mustafa”, Peshmerga are only a big and only thing that has the wills not bread, money, and weapons that motivated the villagers to join Peshmerge. Peshmerga have a big psychological confrontation with death. They make efforts for the sake of freedom and liberation, but Jash (refer to the Kurds who helped Baath regime against Peshmerge) desires and dreams of life and rest (at any cost) will achieve their goal and any attitude and opinion on the issue.



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