From Protesting to Suppression

Tyrannical Correlations and False Protesters They believe, the goal of protesters are only achieving some parliament seat for a political party or electing some deceitful face.

Dr. Hardi Med
Political Science Lecturer at Paris - Dolfin

Tyrannical Correlations and False Protesters

They believe, the goal of protesters are only achieving some parliament seat for a political party or electing some deceitful face. However, the real protester who has a dream for a better life is the real depriver to gain his/her goal. This cause needs to be observed in two realms first, the level of understanding and the encouragement reasons second, the level of the demonstration faces and destructive ones.

Figuring out the encouragement of peoples’ outrage, according to the media poverty reaches to climax and no power can confront the poor people revolution, but none of the demonstrations couldn’t defeat this power, if we take a look at the previous revolutions in history, the reasons behind the revolution didn’t belong to the needy people and the successful revolutions couldn’t stuff the poor and sent them to power! If the needy became revolutionary the history of humanity wouldn’t be like that and people didn’t blame the monopolized elites and responsibilities, throughout history, fortune has been providing irregularly, poor people are 80% of the world population, so, the needy revolution cannot change the world and nonproductive because it’s not a political or a social movement, it is a livelihood case.

Conversely, the rebellions don’t resemble the poor because they have their dream, goal and attempting for a better life, poverty doesn’t mean hungry as they think, they believe there is a stunning and peaceful world somewhere and power of aim will start growing internally but the reality is not helpful.

In recent years, a kind of demonstrations are seen in most of the middle countries while Kurdistan is not far away from them, the wave of demonstrations are seen but in a different form, the question is why are most of the demonstration aborted prematurely? A theory of Charles Tellier titled (from preparation to revolution) may true for the current Kurdistan situation when he says, why does the result of the demonstrations don't acceptable via the real protesters? Because political groups takes their products on behalf of them afterward in an agreement with power.

Who are the ruinous of the movements? The organizers in any disagreement movements discuss about power performances, oppression, facilities and the relationship between power and political opposition to declare the win and defeat a disagreement social movement. But in Kurdistan there is no radical relationship between power and opposition both sides are playing in the same arena whereas the oppositions that support the protesters must terminate their relationship with power, though the goal of the demonstrators has deviated in two ways:

1- The political face of the demonstration more dominant than the real radical disagreements which mean the (opposition parties) first goal is making a formal policy in the frame of parliament and governance, the second one is the goal of the real protesters whom they ask for a better life and at least a reforming. So, the oppositions bring their particular demands and interests to the demonstration square while they negotiate the same topic in parliament, finally, the same interests will be discussed with power, later power agree with them, power is pleased for having such a deceitful group inside the demonstration because it legitimizes power for its remaining.

2- Identify the face of the demonstration falsely which means stealing the title of the demonstration from its real owner and treating it for their advantage. This kind of deviation has cons on the upcoming demonstration. For instance, in the 17th of February demonstration, most of the current ministers and lawmakers didn’t participate in that demonstration whereas they are top officials now.


The power isn’t obliged to mute the demonstrations by using force but sometimes facility and forgiveness are required, this step may disappoint the not satisfied generation and endangers the interests of the political groups from a political group to a political self-seeking movement.

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