Separating from Iraq

Since human beings have been housing on the earth, they are struggling to stay alive. They clash with plants, animals and humans. They are against themselves and nature.

Kaiwan Azad Anwar PhD
Researcher and Intelligence Adviser of Chawy Kurd

Since human beings have been housing on the earth, they are struggling to stay alive. They clash with plants, animals and humans. They are against themselves and nature.

The goals of those conflicts were struggling for a better life. For that reason, the conflicts have transferred from plants to animals, from animals to human beings and from human beings to nature. The major character among those four kinds was human because they are alive. Although humans have built up earth and they had capability on nature and plants. However, they have become a source of conflict and destruction throughout history around the world. That’s why hundreds of scholars, sociologists and specialists announced humans as the basic source of construction, life and conflicts.

Via those conflicts, millions of people were sacrificed and a thousand pieces of land were burned. Later, through an agreement they reconciled and the struggles have ended for a while. On the other hand, those who struggled and gifted their life for the sake of their land have paid the price of clashes and agreements consequently, because they situated between two giants.

For that reason throughout the human’s history on the earth, conflict concentrates on the human lives in Iraq. The humans whom they divide into different national components as (Arab, Kurd, Turkmen, Kildan, Assyrian and Armani) and religions like Islam, Christen, Jew, Yazidi, Kakayi, Sabia and Zerdashti). The conflict between Kurd and Arab will be discussed in our series of historical analysis.

Kurds have been imposed to be a part of Iraq state since its formation from 23 of August 1921. Kurds have been struggling with Arabs for a long while. Since Arabs got power in Iraq, they became a barrier opposite the Kurd's rights. Thus, Kurds have revolted and upraised against the Arab authorities to gain their national and patriotic goal.

As a result, Kurd and Iraq state has created a tragic history by shedding blood during a long time of conflict. The cons of those misunderstandings were the Iraqi consecutive authors didn’t take benefit from their former experiences! Similarly, the Kurdish authorities in Iraq couldn’t have an actual reading for the Iraqi history and responsibilities due to finding a window toward their nation! Hence, the Arabs in Baghdad have been antagonizing Kurds bitterly everywhere while they paid its price of that enmity.

Thousands of Iraqi soldier officers have lost their lives in and obliged war, likewise, thousands of Kurdish individuality decided to protect their soil and nation under the name of Peshmarga. Both sides have lost thousands of innocent, needy and workers on that land which calls Iraq in the consequence of the conflict.

In conclusion, according to the outcomes of our series analysis Kurds cannot reach anything in the frame of a state which calls Iraq because the Iraqi authorities are not ready to execute the Kurd's demands while they figure out the Kurd's rights. To finalize conflict and bloodshed, the Kurd's best alternative is exiting from Iraq and both components live in two neighboring states in peace and tranquility.


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