The Referendum Archenemies in a Video Graphic

Those who contradicted the referendum and Kurdistan independence are provided by a different group, some of them declared directly and the rest indirectly.
Those who against the referendum was a lot

Academic Board of the Center
Academic Board of the Center

Those who contradicted the referendum and Kurdistan independence are provided by a different group, some of them declared directly and the rest indirectly.

Part of them brought economic, religious and geopolitical excuses, other justifications were belonging to nationality and ideology. Some said locally, not for the referendum at present. However, some of them were halfway friends they said yes at the beginning but they backed out finally.

Those who against the referendum was a lot, for instance, a portion of them believed that Kurds use the referendum as a pressure card at first, they weren’t in contradiction of but when they realized Kurds were serious about their independence, they announced their reverses and worked to create obstacles.

The local opponents worked hard among the Kurdish community to vote for (no) and they spread distinct propaganda. Moreover, some made a sharp rebuke for not permitted to bring the ballot boxes in some Kurdistan territories.

The neighboring countries instead of directed their threats through their delegations, they also practiced military and economic siege scenario. For example, Turkish president Erdogan reached the peak of the barbarian as he said "if we close our borders Kurds will die of starvation”.

Furthermore, the Iranian imposed an economic blockade on the Kurdistan population via closing their borders in front of the world's eyes. Likewise, the Iraqis do everything against the Kurds which violated the constitution, for (years) coexistence and cooperation, consequently, they attacked Kurdistan.

Haidar al Abaddi, the Iraqi X prime minister remains in history as the Kurd's archenemy that shed Kurdish blood and demolished the Kurdish dream which was independence. The referendum opponents exemplified variable weapons and instruments opposite Kurds but they couldn’t defeat them while they lost the battle such as the battle of (Prde and Sihela) which announced as a title of Kurdish confrontation, the Kurdish brave Peshmarga forces destroyed the Iraqi Abrams Tanks and the land of Kurdistan became the graveyard of the Iraqi soldiers, thus, the US Department of State in a statement said we need a powerful Kurdistan, as a result, the Iraqi invaders ceased fire.

Later, the Elysee palace broke the diplomatic and political blockade on Kurdistan which invited Kurdistan prime minister and his deputy to Paris. Due to the referendum Kurd has known its internal and external closes and enemies. Neither time nor development could change them opposite Kurds. Kurdistan has achieved the fortune of the referendum to its generations.

In conclusion, the referendum depicted the Kurd's friends and foes everywhere. My best regards to the referendum, many thanks to those who said (yes) and for those who supported the referendum, death for those who against the Kurdish referendum and other nation’s freedom.

Referendum stated, in the era of (21) the Kurdish oppression has to be ended.

We all together said: Yes…

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