A video graphic about the referendum friends and sparks of the darkness

Who are friends of referendum? Who were the friends of this democratic process which write their names with gold in the history of our nation?
In the 3rd anniversary of Kurdistan independence referendum, Chawy Kurd Center document in video graphic about the process.

Academic Board of the Center
Academic Board of the Center

When Kurds begin to work for holding independence referendum, so many of Kurds respect the decision and started to support this democratic process. They were not just expressing their support but in action they did lots of things to make the process be success.

Friends of referendum are part of Kurdish history capitals. If the referendum is the key golden part of the Kurdish modern history, thus the referendum friends are goldsmith of the Kurdish history.

During the period of held the referendum, several media and humanitarian organizations around the entire world supported the referendum. This has been determined as their humanitarian rights against a nation whom they looked as an oppressed nation.

On the personalities, hundred global figures expressed their support to the Kurd’s referendum. All of them will become a great part of Kurdish remind and never forgot their friendship. After the Kurdistan independence, statues will create for them.



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