Identity and State!

A changeable and complementary relation are seen between state and identity, state is the main source of gaining national identity, similarly, identity is the fundamental to introduce nation, state and identity can be achieved via the principle of attendance.
Building Kurdistan independent state to obtain our identity and staying at the same position of other countries around the world.

Atta Qaradaqi

A changeable and complementary relation are seen between state and identity, state is the main source of gaining national identity, similarly, identity is the fundamental to introduce nation, state and identity can be achieved via the principle of attendance.

Identity and state

Identity and state are a tighten couple that illustrate the existence of nation, state is a required principle to obtain identity which means, it is impossible an ethnic or national entity to have their own identity, without having country. Also, a person or nation cannot be accepted by other communities instead of having identity. Even they have participated in humanity civilization. This participation is not acceptable since lacking of identity and the registration will carry out under the name of identity. Furthermore, identity without state will be seen as local not international. Hence, Kurds as a nation what shall they present in terms of production, arts, literature, democracy in protecting individual rights, equality between men and women, in the faces of modern community, all these activities are not valuable, because without having a state there is no an identity to call national identity.

This is true for Kurds as well, because they have neither state nor identity so far, even their presentations will not register in the history and memory of humanity.

When will achieve identity?

Without state identity cannot be attained while identity is the guarantee to accept your existence, neither listening nor hearing to you, these obstacles are prohibiting you to recognize you as a nation. At that time, you will be neglected. However, if you have state it means that you have a name and you have your own identity with your own specialty, you will recognize and split from others. So, without country no one accepts your reality because you don’t have identity.

Hence, state is the only way for Kurds to achieve their identity. In order to participate in building humanity population, we have to establish Kurdistan independent state. By working hard and seriously, if we don’t do, it means that we accept slavery and we have no such a value to have our own country, then it seems that we would like to obey and serve the Kurdistan invaders, moreover, we are not deserved to have our identity.

Human beings libration and existence define in an independent country, thus, we as Kurd, due to survive from oppression, independence is the ultimate way. If we are not agreeing to have our state, it means that there is a deficiency in our personality either as individual or community. In reality, everyone can define him/herself in a democratic and freedom country.

Our responsibilities as Kurd are:

1- Building Kurdistan independent state to obtain our identity and staying at the same position of other countries around the world.

2- After creating the frame of the country, we have to work on it seriously to become an ideal state in the territory to proud of its sovereignty and protect human identity and rights. At that time Kurds depart the phase of depression, take part in creating the history of humanity civilization internationally and working on nationalization in the frame of a state locally.

That’s why Kurd required working hard in order that its country becomes a model of healthy management because it oppressed by other countries for a long while.

In order to reach the level of existence, obtaining identity and living without fear, the only fruitful work is building our country. If we don’t do this, it means that we will circulate around a closed circle and allow staying under the power of tyranny forever. Going out inside the closed circle means to leave the past that past Kurdish nation became consumer and others became oppressor and invader.

How can you attain your identity?

In order to have your own identity, must work as an active subject, creator and productive, that will obtain only via independence. But how we see the process of nationalization in the frame of state? Do you believe that announcing the state is the only way to solve Kurdish problems? Kurd needs to have a positive role in humanity population, not like some of the current neglected countries; they create an atmosphere to kill humanities and like Arabic, Islamic and few African countries. Kurdish community looks like the western countries in terms of developing when the middle class has established that nation state. We can say developing the Kurdish community is related to the economic crisis and lacking of creating federation, national awareness and disabled nationalist, moreover, this nationalist will head the liberation movement in Kurdistan while not carrying the nationalist project, to build a state. They didn’t work seriously in the national duties; they have had a good relation with their invaders of other Kurdistan parts while the reality had obliged to maintain that harmful relation. For that reason, it is impossible, the current parties can have such a capability to build such a state to deserve the people in this region, but these doubts are not the reason to become an obstacle in achieving our goal.

The question is, do they create a state or will they use nation as a raw material to produce the state? Till now, we couldn’t attain our goal through nationalization to have our state and identity, like the western countries the middle patriotic class would form their states or like Thailand, Singapore, etc. State comes after the process of nationalization. Another opinion believed that state building can create nation, this concept is more common and modernity supports it. After the First World War, some countries have established in Middle East in the absentees of nation, it was looked like to create a nation inside a frame, two materials were absent in their states:

The first one was nationalization

The second one was modern mind

This means, they brought a modern production instead of the produced mind, as a result, it produced a totalitarian regime in the west. At that time, it was difficult to say, the concept of citizenship, social justice and equality between men and women will be gained in such a state. They couldn’t establish nation through building state. We reinforce that state is the solution; we don’t want to build a state without a modern mind which is a mind of nationalization. This means, we would like to establish a country in Kurdistan which is vary from the surroundings, the essential duty of this state is nationalization, doesn’t mean to create the notion of chauvinist and racism, a country looks like south Korea, the nationalization became a soul of that country after surviving from north Korea it has established. It is the political, administrational, educated and political cultural elite responsibility to work via two directions:

1- Working hard to establish a state.

2- Linking the first point with nationalization.

So, we cannot build such a country like the western and we will not agree Kurdish state equivalent to Iraq, Syria, Somalia, etc. Thus, state and nationalization required to be connected. For this reason, nation identity and state identity look them like a united entity. But, as I mentioned before, we need a mind to become the owner of this identity and improve practically for building an independent state, also, we need a state of justice, rights and citizenship, Kurdish identity competing other civilized identities and perform its own foreign policy. This will happen when Kurd has its own state and it becomes a social, political, administrational, cultural and geographical subject.

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