Ilham Mayor Citadel


Behzad Qadri

Identity has diverse branches and there are several identities, which national identity is one of them. National identity is referring to the history of a people who are living in the sovereignty of a state and they have been recognized themselves through their region, boundary, form and history.

Forgettable Historical Citadel of Kurdistan

The structure of national identity can be differentiating in different places, but all its basic terms occur in one place, such as: a center and its border, history of the center, form and language”.

As Kurds have not sovereignty of our land. Meanwhile invaders always have planned to struggle against our national identity. What important for us is our reactions and efforts to protect our national identity.

Walli Citadel

Walli Citadel locates in "Mihan Kuhi” plain in Ilham. It created in 1278s during Qajar’s period. The inheritance of the citadel refers to Kurds and Kurdistan. But due to the lack of government and Kurdish entity, the Iranian registered the citadel on them as their national inheritance.

Ilam castle is located in North of Pasdaran street in the city center of Ilham city of Iran. Wali caste similar to other Kurdistan’s castles has been ignored by Iranian government.

The history of the Wally castle

Walli citadel is one of the historical cultural buildings of Eastern Kurdistan. The building created by "Ghulam Raza Khan”, which he mentioned that he ordered build the castle. At that period "Raza Quli” with the daughter of "Baqir” who was famous figure of the Ghayas tribes got married and stayed in Ilam. Later, Ghulam Raza Khan fled Ilam and stayed in Baghdad in 1306s. Raza Quli is son of "Haidar Kirmashani”, originally Kurds and has two daughter names "Firdawas and Rababa Mahjuby” who reamined in Ilham. Raza Quli due to his death situation in 80 passed away in 1330s.









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