Saudi Ambassador Calls Independence for Kurdistan

Numbers of those who support independence for Kurdistan are increasing
How others argue on Kurds? Do they think positively or negatively? We are collecting their views and sharing with Kurds

Saudi ambassador to Moscowcalls three states to respect Kurdish demands. He discovers the assistance of his state to Kurdish rights and self-determination.

Raid bin Khalid Krimli at his embassy building on press interview said: there must be on Syrians to direct their future by their hands and being cause of other components and ethnics to indicate their rights as well.

He required Turkey, Iraq and Syria to esteem Kurdish wishes by allowing them to indicate their future. "We are ready to help Kurds in order to become independence nation and will be able to rule themselves” he added.

"Kurds have rights to call for independence; they were at front in ISIL fighting and they tried to implement democratic principle in the areas under their control. Furthermore, they protected numerous Arabs who fled from war” he more described Kurds.

Regarding to Kurds in turkey, Saudi Ambassador said "Kurds of Turkey are in worst circumstances than Kurds of Iraq and Syria, while the huge number of Kurds are in Turkey but they are continuously living under pressure of Turkey in a way that Kurds are not equal as Turks in the country”.

He maintained and said "the circumstance that occurred by Erdogan is completely causes of our concerns” and "I am not suggesting to support independent movements in any changes, but Kurdistan is special case, not due to that they are largest stateless nation in the world, but because they approved very well that they are most deserved nation to have State for own”.

The Saudi ambassador said "we do not have to forget the reality that Kurds paid the cost of games between nations, particularly, after War World First and Sykes Picot agreement, but others such as Turkey in order to reach his rights in indicating borders was trying to violate Kurdish rights, there is only Kurds who stayed alone in the region for hundred years and paid the cost of all these tyrannies”.









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