What does Iran's Revolutionary Guard rank as a terrorist?


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The administration of President Donald Trump announced the inclusion of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards on terrorist lists.


This move is expected to further isolate Iran and may have wide-ranging implications for US policy in the Middle East.


Meanwhile, the move comes at the same time as the sanctions on Iran in general. The sanctions include freezing assets that the US gave revolutionary Guard and imposing a ban on Americans who deal with them or provide material support for their activities.



Why the Revolutionary Guards?


This is the first time that Washington has officially designated part of an army of a foreign state as a terrorist organization, especially since the IRGC is one of the most important elements within the Iranian armed forces.



The ground forces of Iran's Revolutionary Guard are estimated to be about 100,000, and the Guard also runs ballistic missile programs, according to the Congressional Research Service.



The Revolutionary Guards include the Quds Force, which is charged with delivering arms shipments to Iranian militias abroad, whether in Iraq, Syria or elsewhere in the Middle East, as well as providing military advice.


The Quds Force has been under US sanctions since 2007 for its role in the Iranian ballistic missile program.


A US Treasury Department statement that classified the Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization said the Iranian regime had killed 603 Americans serving in Iraq since 2013.



Iranian Revolutionary Guard companies control up to 20 percent of the country's economy, according to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in 2017, when he was head of the Central Intelligence Agency.






The US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on Iranian airlines such as Mahan and Qeshm in January for providing air support to or supported by Iranian Revolutionary Guard militia inside Syria.

According to the Treasury Department, the Revolutionary Guards recruited foreign fighters from outside Iran to fight in Syria under the supervision of the Qods Force, headed by Qasim Soleimani.

What does the Revolutionary Guard rank as a terrorist organization?


The classification of the Revolutionary Guard as a foreign terrorist organization would have a political and economic impact, as it would hinder the work of the Revolutionary Guard and double the impact of existing sanctions against the group, according to a report by the Axio Center.


The Iranian Revolutionary Guard is already subject to other sanctions, but its designation as a terrorist organization will further encircle it.

The report quoted Iranian expert "Behnam Bin Talbio" as saying that putting the IRGC on the US sanctions list for foreign terrorist organizations is consistent with Tramp's maximum pressure strategy as it increases economic pressure on Iran at locally and globally.


The classification of the Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization also means imposing sanctions on any financial institutions or banks dealing with the IRGC.


The classification would also increase the risk of establishing any economic or commercial relations with Iran.

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