In the Anniversary of the First Cabinet Formation of Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)

it is clear Kurdistan uprising and establishing the first cabinet of (KRG) has a great impact on the political life of Kurdistan inhabitants

Saman Salih
Freelance journalist _ MA at political Systems

Kurdistan population and Peshmarga forces have upraised against the Baath regime in March of (1991) in the south of Kurdistan, consequently, they dismissed the Iraqi fascist regime in Kurdistan, in 20/03/1991 Kirkuk city was liberated as well, the Kurds uprising against Saddam have gotten the victory.

After the uprising the Iraqi Guard and military forces attacked Kurdistan, they made a mass murder in Kurdistan and then Kurdistan citizens escaped to the neighbor countries, Kurd's mass exodus was a clear message to refuse the Baath power in Kurdistan, for that reason the international public opinion and the giant countries would announce Kurdistan as a safety zone, the International Security Council and allied forces have made the decision of (688) and no-fly zone have been settled to defy the human rights in Iraq, as a result, this decree protected (KRG) from the Iraqi air forces and ground forces.

Later, Saddam regime attacked Kirkuk which was a part of Kurdistan liberated land while peshmarga confronted the Iraqi forces but because of unbalanced power of Saddam regime, the city was invaded Kirkuk after doing a mass genocide in the city, however, America and those countries that had a mutual share with Iraq have stayed silent.

The Kurdistani fronts were the uprising representative in the Kurdistan three governorates like Erbil, Sulaimani and Duhok whereas a portion of Nainava, Kirkuk, Diala, Kut and Salahaddin became remained as a safety zone and under the authority of Kurdistani fronts.

The Kurdistani fronts have decided about the Kurdistan parliament election in May (1992) due to building a native government in the region. For the first time throughout history, people in Kurdistan went to the ballot boxes in 19/05/1992 to vote for the local parliamentary and governmental election.

After the first appointment of Kurdistan parliament, the first cabinet of (KRG) has formed in the south of Kurdistan, Kurdistan inhabitants and its soil have exulted with Kurdish governments after (68) years of fascism, monarchy and autocratic authoritysystems. Establishing the Kurdistan first cabinet under the name of (KRG) was a precious achievement over the history never repeats because it was either affirmed the Kurdish governmental national rights or represented Kurdistan freedom movements toward attaining the higher goal which is Kurdistan state.

Four years before establishing the first cabinet right in (1988) Saddam regime had ruined most of the Kurdistan cities, towns and villages in the process which called (Anfal), furthermore, that regime has done a mass genocide against Kurdish people and used chemical weapon too, Saddam destroyed Kurdistan economy before he would leave it. Likewise, Kurdistan in the field of construction and education was devastated, for example, only one person had a professor certificate at that time that was at Salahaddin University and other entities like Turkmens, Assyrians and Christians were deprived of their rights as well. Conversely, in the first cabinet of Kurdistan, the mentioned entity rights in Kurdistan parliament laws have stabilized.

Finally, it is clear Kurdistan uprising and establishing the first cabinet of (KRG) has a great impact on the political life of Kurdistan inhabitants despite all those inadequacies and faults we are seeing here and there, it is the result of the notion of the Kurdistan nation of liberated fronts from administration capacity, native experience, developing the published Kurdish languages, studying Kurdish language, trading, manufacture, etc.

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