Populism and Populist speeches

Populism and Populist speeches and its conflicts in today political world has occupied enlarge areas in globe and regions.

Nuri Bekhaly
Writer & Researcher

Populism and Populist speeches and its conflicts in today political world has occupied enlarge areas in globe and regions.

From psychological complex into failure of political process

Part one

"Demagogical person deceives others, but populists deceive himself” Tagif

Elections of America and appeared Trump as a new president, Putin’s game in Russia and enduring his presidency terms, exist of Britain from Europe (Brexist), French protests and matter of yellow vests, referendum on amendment of Italy’s constitution, Arabic spring events, referendum on amendment of Turkey’s constitution and matter of shifting ruling system of the country, protests and unrests of Lebanon, Iraqi political situations after collapsing Baath regime, Kurdistan region and arose Gorran movement within Islamic political parties’ fighting for behalf of Legacy of former movement’s leader. The whole mentioned issues and some others are highlight populism and populist speeches.

Generally, in today’s political arena every of political events excite populism and populist speeches. Elections and referendum among all events, global, regional and local changes is most suitable chances that causes of reproduction of new populist character and power in diverse forms. That means, we can say that among today’s political conflicts, populism and emerging of populist speeches are the outcome of recent years elections and referendums in particular.

Due to Kurdistan region is not far away from political maps thus that would be crucial to concentrate on populism character and its features according to historical phases in the region.

As an independent term, populism has involved modern political form in mid of nineteen century, but historical resource claim that populism and populist speeches belongs to ancient period of humanity. Anyway, populism as a term in modern political form ideology exactly belonged to nineteen century. Undoubtedly, occurring populism was in Russia and America. Whenever, populism become in hot news, we directly think of farmer movements within social cover whom aimed to escape Russian farmers around 1870, and American protester’s movement against banking and train enterprises.

Despite withdrawal of populism during the Second World War, but contrary in the third world in different form has developed. This time, populism in different form has appeared as Nationalism- Jamal Abdulnasir, religious- Muslim Brotherhood, and people – Qazafi and similar movements and socialism Latin America.

Since 2016, populism term has been occurred more widely and become warm news of media and research centers, particularly during referendum of Brexit in EU, US presidency election campaigns, referendum on amendment of Italy Constitution and many other universal political changes.








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