Nine principles of Kurdish State by Haji Qadiri Koyee


Baram Subhy
Writer & Translator

Haji Qadiri Koyee one of the Kurdish famous poet has suggested nine principles of "Kurdish State”. A Kurdish writer and politician in description of Haji said "Haji as different voice as his collogues was implemented his duty for behalf of his nation and land”.

From Koyee to Istanbul

Haji Qadiri Koyee was born in one of Kurdish poor villages in Nineteen century. There are not enough information about his family except he was going to Koya for maintains his life.

In order to complete his study, Haji Qadir went to other parts of Kurdistan region. He completed his Hujra study which was special for those who studied at Mosques. Later on, Haji went to Istanbul and spent all his life there. His language ability includes (Kurdish – Mother tongue, Arabic, Turkish and Persian). He was an intellectual person and visited Kurdish personality guest rooms such Badirkhan family.

Principles of State and independence

The main political purpose of Haji poems was to escape Kurdish from mandates of Rum and Ajam and provide them freedom life like other region’s nations.

To create Kurdish state, Haji Qadiri Koyee through his poem has determined nine principles as:

·Be one and unit together.

·Make Kurdish language for writing and studying.

·Teach your children and send them abroad for more learning.

·Look at EU technology progress and strengthen Kurdistan economic infrastructure.

·Organize yourself in secret and derive plans for future.

·Try to gain military ammunition and weapons.

·Try to find foreign friends.

·Manage sword and pen in struggles.

·Never believe in Rum and Ajam.

Haji and Othman State

Haji wanted to explore Sultan as great enemy of Kurds and wanted every Kurds change their minds toward Othman empire’s agenda against Kurds because due to his long life in Istanbul he knew Othman empire’s agenda very well.

Meanwhile, Haji has started strategic nation-building and State-building project by combining political duties with military.












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