Influences of Religion on Kurdish Individuals and Process of being State

Religion as civilization, cultural and spiritual has deep roots in Kurdish societies

Fatih Abdullah Shwany
History lecturer at Sulaimani University

Religion as civilization, cultural and spiritual has deep roots in Kurdish societies. From the beginning of occurring worships, religion beliefs has both negative and positive effects on Kurdish individuals and those who were lived in Kurdistan.

The influences of religion on Kurdish individuals since the long history has undesirable impacts on the process of Kurdish politics and people as well, I can say that this influences had effected on creation of Kurdish state. In order the topic goes through scientific path, we will divide into four history phases:

Part one: devote to discuss about religion during ancient history.

Part two: influences of religion in mid stage.

Part three: influences of religion in new history.

Part Four: influences of religion modern history.

In each of the parts we will give an example about the negative sides of religion on Kurdish individuals. Every nation victimized religion, however Kurds victimized nation for behalf of religion.

Part one: Influences of religion in ancient history of Kurdistan

Human beings always searched for God, finally collected Gods in two things: good-bad, light-darkness and peace-fight. Later on put all in the religion called "Zardashti” which is the best answer for the question what is God and what is religion? This religion considered as one of the significant religion in Med and Akhmini period which then during Sasan became the official religion of the state and measured as the major religion of Kurdish worships. Its stages as below:

Firstly: Polytheism. At the beginning, human beings was used diverse Gods for worshiping, includes nature events such as Sun, Water, Fire, Floods etc. then they built statues, thus we can say that Kurds were paganist.

Second: Henotheism

After the first phase, human being tried to give priority on one among all of Gods, here in Kurdistan the most potential one was Mitra which as a well-known religion in Mesopotamia, Egypt, Anodal and Rome etc.

In the stage of Polytheism, Kurdish people had huge steps due to build one absolute religion for the whole people and become the significant basic for National Unity. Additionally, this stage of Kurdish religion unity was not going on for a while such as Manisim that was spread broadly. In the same time, some other religion likes Christians and Jews in the region.

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