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Stepping to ward an absolute revolution in Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) which means agriculture becomes an alternative of oil
what will happen if Kurdistan regional Government stepping toward absolute agriculture revolution?

Academic Board of the Center
Academic Board of the Center

Stepping to ward an absolute revolution in Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) which means agriculture becomes an alternative of oil. If that strategy works on it seriously and accurately, it will survive Kurd and Kurdish community from in evitable death.

Unfortunately, Kurd couldn’t be a part of industrial revolution so far while it has a convenient environment for a high quality agriculture and natural product.

If we start this revolution at the current time no any psychological or physical obstacle will be seen because Kurdish community still thinking and work on the agricultural eras.

We need a legal, social and political master plan before the revolution will start like having a mutual understanding among the political parties, people and government as well.

In my opinion, the preparation package for this great revolution will succeed if it follows these steps:

First: stepping toward a spacious dialogue among the political parties, people and government to implement the idea.

Second: activate an efficient market to analyze the benefit of the project.

Third: Kurdistan parliament has to make an exclusive law for agricultural reformation and solve the land issues between people and people, people and government and so on.

Forth: creating a data base on the agricultural lands, agricultural machines, irrigation sources and labor force in Kurdistan.

Fifth: building a project to make agricultural infrastructure like purchasing new machines and raise the quality of the lands by cutting the salary ghost employees.

Sixth: providing labor forces and new agricultural instruments.

Seventh: the process needs to be supervised by the expert ones till it sells in the bazaar.

Eighth: enforce the business men to build different manufactures such as prepackaged factories due to saving the yields.

Ninth: government has to buy the products and sells in the bazaars.

Tenth: founding a governmental Kurdish company to export the agricultural products outside the country, particularly, the Gulf countries.

There is no doubt this duty is not easy, needs will, cooperation and coordination through all the Kurdistan population in order to protect Kurdistan from a giant devastation. Although we cannot be a community and productions of the industrial era, we have to develop our field which is agriculture. It becomes a reason of achieving huge source of incomes in most of the giant countries, for instance, America, china, etc. The agricultural yearly income of America is (297) million dollars!

Finally, the points have been discussed are only a notion to use as a best program for the agricultural revolution according to the Kurdistan climate and environment that become an identity for Kurdistan and a source of heavy income to prohibit Kurdistan from the destruction of economy.

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