Does the Kurdistan Democratic Party Become Israel in Kurdish policy


Mashxal Kaulusy
Head of The Center

In the Arab world policy and literature if a little problem will happen, immediately they say it belongs to Israel! As a result, it becomes a phobia to the Arab policymakers. Unfortunately, the same notion is going to become a phenomenon in Kurdistan which they say the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) is behind everything!

I would like to concentrate on that point neutrally in brief as a psychological issue and a fatal fear that spread among people. Obviously, at the current time if any crisis will happen in any part of Kurdistan, the media and Kurdish policy blame (KDP) which is overriding the capacity and the impacts of this party, for instance, the west and south Kurdistan troubles. All the sectors of human life are under the authority of (KDP)! Even the authors, policymakers and critics who live in Kurdistan and diaspora are living with a horror which is called (KDP’s Phobia).

There is a question here; does the (KDP) have such an ability and authority as its opponents believe in? Or what they say is deceiving people to hide their fails or living the responsibility on the (KDP)shoulder.

Logically two probabilities are seen, firstly, the (KDP’s) authority is real and secondly, the majority likelihoods are showing the actual power of (KDP’s) on the Kurdish policy. So, we can say the other Kurdish political parties couldn’t be a real component of this party in north, west and south.

An economic principle philosophy says capitalism can conform itself with every new circumstance like a chameleon. The question is, does (KDP) have such a capacity to adapt to this situation and will pass the capitalism? How (KDP) adjust the feudal mentality with capitalism principles? How can it formulate and familiarize with these entire distinct atmospheres?

All these reasons show this party doesn’t have any rival in the Kurdistan political arena. Have you asked yourself this question, what are the reasons behind progressing (KDP)? Or have you ever reviewed yourself about the technic and the mechanism of your policy? The reason is your model of thinking couldn’t pass (KDP’s) model.

This hypothesis will face another question; you believe (KDP) is a feudal and family party and its leaderships uneducated, how could they achieve the efficiency you have mentioned? However, the (KDP) rival parties have founded a few decades later like the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

In the conflict policy, one of the strategic policies and psychology is when you encourage your supporters to make your components greater and dangerous.

At that point, we don’t want to say those things will do the opposite (KDP) are true or false. There is no doubt every political party has such a right to compete with its rivals. But the point is, if we take a look at the Kurdistan political atmosphere, we comprehend the weapon that uses opposite (KDP) is a sword with two sides.

If the reason is encouraging (KDP) as the first powerful party to make a mistake, so, its opponents shouldn’t be happy because the same will happen to them, in contrast, for all the interests are the same. Furthermore, such a conflict will increase the mass status of this party and its supporters proud of it because this party has a great impact on the history of a nation within (70) years of struggling.

Finally, the scenario behind enlarging (KDP) status has two sides, firstly, it belongs the long while history which could protect its unity so far, secondly, having a great influence on all happenings and events. However, the other political parties in the south of Kurdistan are losing their magic in a short time while they are separated. Consequently, it affected on their psychology and the map of the political matches in Kurdistan.

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