Another speech about decentralization system


Omed Aziz
University Lecturer

An academic dialogue on decentralization

While arguing intention of decentralization is not far away from political matter. However, we can discuss its academic fields in administration and legal sides in order to be able to notice that how much it can serve to solve economic crisis in Kurdistan region.

What have noticed, every speeches and statements on decentralization is just contexts of books and is only analysis and theories without giving details. They need to analysis and argues that: is this topic and effort suit with current real situation of Kurdistan? Does it can solve distribution of salary problems? When country is in depth economy crisis, does decentralization can solve its region’s problems? Or it faces the region to more difficult situations.

Above all, does decentralization is new attempt and project or it has been tried to implement in the past in the region?

Decentralization in political shareholder government is epidemic

There is no doubt that decentralization system is advanced administration system which has more advantages than centralization system, but where? The reality proved that decentralization system is success in states, region and places that have technocratic government. The system would be successful in a government that elected ministers by depended on ability and their anxiety to the state. Oppositely, in a government which formed by depend on political portions never can apply successful decentralization system.

Therefore, in political party’s government, participants are trying to shift the situation for behalf of their interests and then these interests shift to some group’s interests in the Participant political parties. Quickly spend power of contracts will swing into political enterprises interests. Decentralization will become epidemic and difficulties in the regions that government does its works by referring to political parties’ bases.

At such circumstances, decentralization is best and shortest way to loot and take all state’s revenue for behalf of small group’s benefits.

Briefly, providing authority to lower level management in portion political parties’ government is in interests of enterprises at their territories.

Decentralization has tested before, but it was successful

For those who have seen that decentralization is new option, I remind them that they are never ever worked at government establishments or at least they do not aware of managing and economic situation of the establishments. Otherwise, those who worked at small posts in the region know very well that the whole power had implemented by first line managements at the year before financial crisis which was not similar to around countries.


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