The new KRG cabinet and national security strategies

Mercenary and betrayal have been the most used speeches and subjects of Kurdish social media.
During writing its strategy the Kurdish people must merely depend on its interests

Mashxal Kaulusy
Head of The Center

There is no doubt that terms of mercenary and betrayal have been the most used speeches and subjects of Kurdish social media particularly follow the Kurdish referendum and October 16 events. This is in a way which we can say that nowhere the terms like these two terms have used and have used by people in their daily lives.


A statement says "mercenary and self-alleviation to the enemy have occurred in the Kurdish chromosomes”. I believe that this speech regards to both scientific and reality is not true. But this is the outcome of Kurdish hundred histories for its foreign forces. This means that making this belief is the outcome of some actions and has not the truth.


I am back to concentrate on the basic of the topic and say: there is an obstacle which becomes the reasons of unrest of thinking, politics and socials for Kurds thus the duty of the new cabinet, Kurdistan parliament and high officials in the region to dealt with the matter sensibly. The core of the problem is because we do not have strong point to back for. The Kurdish society and political forces since the history and at present could not unit on the unified term of national security.



This is in a time which the entire nations around the world have made clear their own national security and have not let any doubts on their national security.


For the reason that the Kurdish nation has not a state, we cannot understand the term and deal with. But they can in the context of Kurdistan region have explain some sections of the term and regards to law encourage the Parties and Kurdish individuals to commit for implementing the issued law.


We cannot end the hundred years of mercenary problems until we manage the term of Kurdish national security and making united on the matter by issue the law and explain o all that this is the Kurdish national security term.


The term of national security must be very clear in order to leave no assumptions to ignorance. It must be very clear and indicate its red lines in order to no one dare to think of betray. It would be better if making a survey on its contexts of the strategy and become a social agreement to the whole.


Within writing its strategy the Kurdish must merely depend on its interests and the huge aims of Kurdish nation. Meanwhile, we have to have meticulous plan for implementations of the strategy.


The strategy must collect the Kurdish around its interests and vast target. However, it must explain the punishment for those who do not want to ignore the strategy and it became the guarantees of no one dare to work or steps against the strategy.


The most significant specifics of the strategy are two major points which are: who is your enemy? What are the threats?


The Kurdish individuals, Kurdish political Parties which yet are the mountain Parties and have the mountain culture and gruella revolutionaries stages cannot understand of international deals, but when KRG deals with is tasks if they do not concerns of national security they will be blame to.





Because Kurdish has not a state, thus even its education system has been taken by colonized.Additionally the Kurdish laws have been taken by the occupiers as well. Our life’s determination has been derived by them too. That’s why it would be normal to see new generations to hold a plate draw yes to Iraq and draw No for his land.


This is exactly like seen Kurdish parliament members in Baghdad instead of fighting for behalf our lands, contrary they fight against our national security.


If we work hard for behalf of our national security, thus it would be clear for everyone to know his friends and enemies; moreover, he can see threat on his independence in one hand. On the other hand no one dare to cross the line of united. Thus the historical threat of mercenary will be finished. Mercenary is always zeroing the Kurdish targets. Meanwhile, it ends the desire of everyone who spontaneously defines his hostiles as a mercenary.


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