Eternal Socialism

“Socialism can be defined as a sense of a mutual destiny among people”
“The nations without a state have benefited from nationalism and its milestones due to reach its own aims and having their independent country so far”

Dr. Mohamad Hussen Zade

Honestly, it is very difficult to find a well-ordered definition of socialism. Socialism can be defined as a sense of shared fate among people which are linked either from the past or the future. Nationalism may use to liberate a nation; maybe it has different ideas internally. Also, it may a doctrine which its goal refers to faithful and addiction, according to a special nation, then having the discipline for developing that nation. Moreover, it can be an ideological movement which attempts to obtain collect diverse community while some members of that community will identify themselves as a nation. If we define nationalism as sense, doctrine, movement, ideology, etc. nation is the basis of the content and it’s located on the core of the topic. Without a nation, nationalism doesn’t have any meaning. But what is a nation?

Some intellectuals define a nation in the frame of policy. They say nations are consisting of people who live under the authority of a country whereas this definition doesn’t relate to those nations they don’t have formal position namely a state.

If lots of people are living in a country and having the same specialists like language, history, religion and the same destiny of creating a nation. The major point is how people think about their mutual specialists. For instance, Anderson described nation and its members as an imagined community instead of being familiar with each other while all relate to one nation. That is the evidence of an existing nation.

By all means, the basic target of nationalism is constructing a state for a nation. Nations attempt practically has continued globally during the revolution of the nationalistic nations while after Westphalia agreement in 1648 the powers of the independent countries have stabilized, however, the royal families have authorized the states; the content of nation didn't appear efficiently. French revolution in 1789 was the major point of appearing nationalism. That revolution has produced a new political system against the royal and old noble families. Then, nationalism has become an ideology with a perfect relation, democracy and builds more affection on altering the political community. It gave rights to the governments to become a representative of their nations while in the ancient religion, royalty and becoming a member of a noble family had such a right.

Nationalism has appeared in Europe first and spread around the world. It progressed during Napoleon overcomes. Forgetting Vienna’s conference points in 1815 was the main reason for attracting people to the content of nationalism. After that, each group of people announce themselves as a nation and seeking their identity and state.

At the beginning of nineteen century Greece, German and Italy have followed the slogan of nationalism. After that developed central European nations, Eastern Europe and Austrian empire, Pros, Russia and the Ottoman Empire.

German and Italy through their internal conflicts and fighting have found a way to reunite their small entities among themselves. Greece declared its independence from Ottomans in 1830. Many other countries had announced their independence such as Roman and Serbia in 1878, Bulgaria in 1880. Also, in 1900 Filipina, Algeria, Indonesia and India would try to introduce themselves as a nation. In addition, some American countries performed the same process from 1810 to 1820 such as Paraguay and Uruguay against Argentina and Brazil and so on. In 1822 the anti-British and French power in Egypt was saying "Egypt is for the Egyptians only” that front evolved in all universe, they became 32 countries in 1914. During the establishment of League of Nations in 1920 this organization collected 42 members, it had been growing by passing the time, and the United Nations Organization members became 193 in 2006. Currently, this organization reaches 200 members. It shows us nation and nationalism have been attracting people from the first appearances and have their impacts on the phenomenon and happenings. Many nations have got their independence via nationalism. Conversely, others didn’t take so far while they worked hard to become independence but the internal and external reason couldn’t give them that opportunity to reach their goals.

In contrast, nationalism has been criticized and attacked by different notion deeds and religions. The anti-nationalisms have different premises; I would like to focus on them in brief. Firstly, the religious believers who try to build a commonwealth but they believed that nationalism will become their barrier; they say nationalism is the source of conflicts and chaos in the world. Secondly, idealists, according to them nationalism was a momentary phenomenon and not lasting long which would sacrifice between global characters and diverse nations. Thirdly, the world liberalists have introduced themselves in the 1970s, no difference has been seen with the former group, they pointed out nationalism was the reason of creating an artificial border of the world and separated human society. Fourthly, identified either as anti-religion or liberalism, the idea of this group is more negative than the previous one opposite nationalism. They stated that the status of conflicts universally will replace the national conflicts, then they split and remove the frontiers of the nations, finally, they organize a united community. The last one differs from others, they are against nationalism in surface but certainly, they are the real nationalism. They do it for the sake of their interests. When they talk about the negative points of nationalism, they confront the nationalistic without nations. For example, the liberalist Trump and the believer Khamenei, both characters are hidden under the nationalism weapon whereas attacking nationalism.

Neither the weak theories nor former ideas could decrease the value of nationalism. Nations and nationalism still be respectful so far.

In reality, nationalism not ends while it will be continuing and reinforce, we will discuss "eternal nationalism” in indefinite time. Particularly, the main goal of Kurdish nation is having its own state, it is not allowed to influence by the fake slogans like destroyed nationalism, anti-humanity nationalism, etc.

Until this moment, in order to arrive on their goals the nations without countries have taken advantage of nationalism. From now on, those nations are under threat of destruction n and try to have a political frame and independent country will not betray by the anti-nationalists, also not forgetting the tragedy all of them were the result of not having an independent country.

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