Kurdistan Region; Parliamentary Diplomacy

While Kurdistan region have numerous political problems but it can develops cultural, economic and social matters through parliamentary diplomacy.
While states are key actors in diplomacy, but they have lost their positions as the gigantic performer

Dr. Mohamad Hussen Zade

States have used different methods in order to reach their own special causes and interests. One of the most significant political characters to reach its aims is diplomacy.


There is several definition of diplomacy, but two of them have mentioned; some of ideologists think at diplomacy as component or a systematic. For this definition diplomacy is making a relation through their official internal and local representatives. In another meaning diplomacy is a relation system at international society which through this context, inside actors makes a relation. The duty of this diplomacy deals with international relations through arguments and discussions.


But another group of observers defined diplomacy as a techniques or art. This means diplomacy is technical relation with the world or arts of managing the foreign policy and solving the problems, conflicts and disagreement.


Public diplomacy, cultural diplomacy, media diplomacy and parliamentary diplomacy are the vital examples of modern diplomacy in recent years around the world. Each of powers and other tried to get along with these types of diplomacies for behalf of their own interests most of states have attempted to use more parliamentary diplomacy than others.


Parliamentary diplomacy


Up to half century ago the hero of the international policy theater was embossers, diplomatists and ministers. We had seen merely their activities. Then step by step roles of Parliament members have been increased and have more impacts in the politics and importance decisions.


Then the parliamentary diplomacy which sometimes known as parlomacy could become the new foreign policy to overcome such problems as global terrorism, climate changes, weather, conflicts and disagreements. The mentioned problems were being much difficult for states and ministers because they became global issues. Then parliamentary diplomacy could become the best alternative to assist states in solving the weakness.



Kurdistan region and parlomacy

Kurdistan region have faced many obstacle with some terms because they are semi-autonomous region and have not reached its sovereignty yet. Some of these problems will stay longer, but within advantages of parliamentary diplomacy, it can develop its relations.


The big opportunity of KRG is because regards to the article 110 in Iraqi constitutions Kurdistan have authority to sign new contracts or agreements with foreign states. For this means Kurdistan Parliament can do lots of works. Here are some several needs notes should KRG steps toward:

1.Kurdistan Parliament have to measure its parliamentary diplomacy by depending on mutual understanding of the situations, capacities, opportunities and then steps toward for implanting the agendas.

2.Kurdistan Parliament has to look for accurate opportunities with neighbor and global countries in progressing cooperation between Kurdistan Parliament and other states parliament. They can progress their own weak points and share strengthen as well.

3.KRG can establish some commissions inside parliament specialize to diverse cases. It can establish a group for parliamentary diplomacy affairs.

4.The clear cause of parliamentary diplomacy should be a model which have realized by diplomacy

5.The Kurdistan Parliament has to get along with members specialty and experiences. Moreover, the members should to try learning other’s languages and basic diplomacies.

6.The new parliament members have to take advantages and advise from previous member’s perspectives and thoughts in different Parties.

7.Trying to get along with the women and other minorities in the process of parliamentary diplomacy.

8.Kurdistan parliament has to hold continuous meetings with KRG officials who are more responsible at foreign relations.

9.When asking any KRG official should arrange a special plan for.

10. The Kurdistan Parliament can practically implement some activities as visiting the speaker to broad Parliaments and meet their speakers.

11. The speaker has many responsibility in growing parliamentary diplomacy, in particular if the speakers has experiences in foreign policy can have crucial role.

12. The Kurdistan Parliament must make (Parliamentary Friendship Groups) in order to strength its positions.

13. The representatives who have elect to (Parliamentary Friendship Groups) must attempt to achieve information on identity, culture, history, policy, and the language with the county which want to make a relation.

14. The representatives have to realize to start which country from the first and expand to others. They have to have their own priority in the works.

15. The Kurdistan Parliament should to get along with the experience of countries which have an active developed Parliamentary Diplomacy system.


In general if Kurdistan region have numerous problems, but can take advantages in the areas of economy, cultural and society.

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