Dangerous of Narcotics on Kurdistan National Security

Addicting Drugs in Kurdistan region near becoming phenomena
KRG needs to take firm responsibility in order to prohibit the risks of Narcotics

Karwan Jalal beg

The risk of Drugs on national security deserves to establish general director of facing Drugs at Kurdistan regions security and private institutions at interior ministry and social affairs ministry. Their mission is to ban the cases and awareness of people, in particular with teens. Meanwhile, it has to establish several centers for behalf of retrain those who have been longed with the Drugs.


Because KRG has about 523 km shared borders with Islamic republic of Iran which Iran become the second biggest capital of using Drugs after Afghanistan. This has direct negative impacts on KRG.


Because KRG has direct impacts on Iran’s influences in the region thus they try to destroy Kurdistan society arrangements through diverse ways, Drugs is one of the most significant one. Iran implements this strategy because they do not want see their hostile develop.


Another neighbor of KRG is Turkey which one of the regimes has been used Drugs to obtain capital, money and make it as a poison weapon for his hostiles.


Syria is one of major shelter of key extremist and terrorist organizations particularly Isis, which helping to transfer the narcotics into KRG.


All these factors are becoming the reasons of increasing the statistics of using Drugs year by year in KRG which is the major dangerous on national security of KRG.


How to reduce the percentage of longing Drugs in KRG?


·Modifying the related laws, indulgence any users and implementing the laws as it exists.

·Opening the awareness courses, workshops, T.V programs and publishing booklets.

·Preparing specialist and experts in prisons for Drug users in order when they have been released they know the disadvantages of Drugs on society.

·Preparing job vacancy for Drug user in order to do not feel life’s gap. Because jobless for teens is the main reason to use Drug. Therefore, KRG should take quick responsibility by offering various job opportunities in private sectors.

·Control the borders by putting experts and using modern X-ray.

·Banning migrants, labors and enterprises because sometimes they used to transfer the Drugs.






Statistics in KRG


According to statistics of General Anti-Drug Bureau in KRG in last year declared that (414kg) Drugs has been a controlled, 941 persons arrested; 768 files are still in court under investigation, 97 have been sentenced 76 of them have been released.


According to the statistic 415 KG Drugs have been controlled as:

17, 5 kg Hashish

13 kg is opium/ heroin

1, 3 kg methamphetamine

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