Reappearing Baghdad gives Energy to “Isis or his Hostiles”

Does recurring the Islamic caliphate mean giving the energy to Isis or good news for success on Isis?
KRG must prepare himself for sudden alteration in the near future around the region.

Reshow the caliphate of Islamic state in Iraq and Sham (Isis) follow some regional and international modifications have happened in the political arena emerge numerous significance notes. In order to make be clearer about that either reappear Abwbakir Baghdad gives energy to Isis or good news for success on Isis! Here briefly the following paragraphs explain the policy and states’ strategies in the region:



First on the regional:


The region’s states adhere to unclear strategy and policy like self-protection, the most vivid example is Iran. Recently this Shi’a sectarian regime gets involved with two different issues such as US sanctions on Iran and recognizing Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) which both issues have direct impacts on the regime, thus Iran from both sides will face several difficulties. This will change the balance of his relations with Asia world, particularly India, China and Pakistan.


Today’s economic relation is absolutely complex, if a part deals would be under risks this makes of financial crisis. The US is looking for reactions of Iran for his decisions. Here the Iran’s strategy is self-protection of decisions of US and change the focus on Iran on outside of Iran.


Turkey is another example of this policy, Turkey have been involved with three main issues which are: financial crisis, reducing the election votes and Syrian Kurds.


Syria has weak roles in shifting the policy of region because of in the direction inside Syria by other states and some organizations.


Iraqi crisis are deeper than we think which we related to controlling Isis’s area, but in the reality the problem is not the controlling, while the problem is keeping the controls which relate to weakness of Iraqi military, Iraqi relations with Iran, and conflicts amid components.


Saudi Arabia has three main difficulties Yemen, Qatar and Arabic coalition military. The competition among Turkey and Saudi, Iran and Saudi in Yemen is clearly appearing. The problem is the winner become a leader of Arabic Sunnis and led other Arabic Sunni countries.


Second On international area

There are four polarizations that have direct impacts on region’s alternations which are: the United States of America, Europe Union, Russia and China. Each of them tries to impose power in the region and future’s changes.


According to the mentioned analysis, it has been clear that Isis has not been ended yet and his mission as well by seen that the powers in the region did not reach the final stage of an agreements among themselves in order to defeat or stop the risks of reappear Isis or other terrorist organizations. Therefore KRG must prepare himself for sudden alterations would happen in the near future, and mission of Political Parties is doing hard efforts for behalf as soon as possible make the new cabinet and unified their military and intelligence capability to defeat terror risks and preparations for the second set of conflicts because may the international and regional conflicts cause of spread the risks to peace areas.

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