From Truman to Trump a competition or getting Climax or toppling down

According to the European vision Trump is an autocratic, racist and doesn’t coordinate with other world direction which has created the territorial and universal chaos.
till the US becomes the owner of dollar impossibility will not see in its policy.

Hussen Najmaddin
Director of the Persian Media Board of the Center

According to the European vision Trump is an autocratic, racist and doesn’t coordinate with other world direction which has created the territorial and universal chaos.

First and second world war made the European countries a field of assassination, destruction of civilization while due to away from the first and second world war the united states (US) became the strongest country around the world. At that time Truman was the US president and the power of US was at the climax like, techno, science and finance, under the name of marshal, he made an agreement with several European countries to develop their economy, through giving them short and long period loan, two goals have been achieved by that agreement firstly, the European countries became its follower and decreased the value of communism due to away from the soviet authority.

The marshal project has revived the economy of those countries and accepted the liberal capital system of the US while the US has controlled their political and economic field. After marshal project which escalated the power of the western opposite its rivals. However, within Trump presidency the situation has changed since a space was seen between the US and European countries.

Currently, the populist growing in the US and racism in Europe are overestimated, they will step against the globalism. Some of the western analysis believed that Trump is the reason behind creating the cleavage between US and Europe. Also, the say, the world needs a strong western with a balance of power, from that view separating US from Europe or returning sovereignty to the US as Trump says which makes the peace philosophy of the world under threaten. If the power of the US will decline, at that time other players participate in the political field like Russia and China and also give a chance to the new developed countries such as Turkey and Iran to show their existence in the political field.

Is the US opinion in the world political field which belongs to Trump such a populist or the result of immigrants and the American citizens views?

According to the statics the American economy will be deflated in comparison with Europe and China. There is no doubt, the last longing war of America in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen is the main reason behind spending the US budget. Thus, Trump has won the US presidential election because people wanted to change the US policy, so, Trump works through the local policy and implements its promises when he gave to the US inhabitants. The basic point is America which is not ready anymore to pay for those countries that they hide under the umbrella of the US protection. Trump informed the NATO’s member and obliged Saudi, UAE, Japan and South Korea to pay tariffs obviously. Moreover, he withdrew the agreement with UNISCO, the nuclear agreement with 5+1 and also with Iran which made the Security Council and United Nations decisions under question under the justification of much expense. In addition, he demolished the entire Truman’s project with western countries.

Presently, the exodus migrants of Syria and North Africa has created a big problem to the European countries, for example, the problem between Netherland and Hungary, Italy and Spain, changing the German officials, the yellow vast demonstration in France, etc.

Trump has held a meeting in Warsaw under the title of Iran authority but most of the European countries boycotted the meeting because they believed that any problem related to the Middle East or the European countries must be held in Brussels. Europeans try to work for their benefits but in reality, they cannot become an active component of Trump because they are not unified, they want to find a channel in order to keep going their business with Iran under the name of

(SPV). In contrast, Trump is not taking care about the European opinion and the philosophy of peace around the world.

Are the European benefits with Iran or America?

The Europeans know the Iranian way is not securing so far whereas Trump has designated Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps(IRGC) as a terrorist group as a confirmed first official army in the world, it is clear most of the Iranian trading companies belongs to IRGC. Besides, in a wonder decision, he announced the Venezuelan parliament speaker as a president of that country with a heavy obstacle. Furthermore, without counseling with the European alliance he started negotiation with North Korean president. Likewise, he transported the US consul from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and accepted the Golan Heights as a land of Israel; all those Trumps steps have irritated the Europeans. The Europeans say that Trump has left the Syrian field for the sake of increasing the power of Russia.


The Europeans believed that Trump strengthened the relationship among Russia, Turkey and Iran.

Killing the Saudi journalist khashoggi by Saudi prince and killing Yemeni innocent people by the US coalition has made the situation worst between the US and Europe. Trump’s haughtiness in the political field is belonging to the earlier US policy makers particularly Truman. Two years of chaotic ruling in the US by resignation of several ministers, advisers and high ranking officials, in this situation within the remaining two years, is he serious on attacking Iran?

At this political situation it is impossible the US thinks about such a decision because Iran is not a prey to hunt easily while john Bolton, Netanyahu and Bin Salman encourages Trump to attack Iran and there is a strong relation between Bolton and Netanyahu. This last two years of Trump is their last chance because this coincidence will not happen once again. Next year Trump make preparation for the upcoming election due to achieve the second chance, he will try to finalize the Afghan, Iran, Venezuela, Syria, North Korea and war trading with china.

Does he conclude all the mentioned cases? The response of this question is not easy, but till the US becomes the owner of dollar impossibility will not see in its policy.

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