Reasons for Reducing Islamic Parties’ votes

Numerous inner and outer reasons have been affected reducing the Islamic Parties’ votes.
The uncompleted of democratic process in Kurdistan is the main cause of reducing the Islamic votes.

Jalal Ahmad

The reasons can be measured on different areas:


External factors:

The external factors include:


·Undemocratic of Political Parties and Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) authorities in one hand, and control the major power and economic sources on the other hand.

·External intervention (regional and international intervention).

·The lack of political awareness of Kurdistan masses in error results of Islamic Parties’ speeches and deceives of powers.

·Election deceives in the region this part is the most ignored area of the election which make the election be none trustable election.

·The Political Parties have not taken responsibilities and experience from previous participations of governments.

·Masses’ disappointments of reform.



Inner factors:

Inner factors include:

·The Kurdish authorities have not well recognized in doing politics.

·Error political speeches.

·Mixing Islamic proclaims and policy (they are successful in claims, but failure in politics)

·Withdrawal numerous of Islamic Parties’ members

These are the most important factors which I believe are causes of withdrawal and reducing of Kurdistan Islamic Parties’ votes. There are many other factors which can investigate on and analysis the reasons. Finally, I wish as soon as possible the Islamic Parties change the situations for behalf of achieving the justice rules and enjoyable society.

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