A Comedian Elected as a Ukraine President


Ahmad Qadir

Current Ukraine elections has different view compare to previous elections. Some nonpolitical actors entered the competition and unperceptively became the president.


The second term of the election has finished for Ukraine presidency, finally, Volodymyr Zelensky 41 politician, screenwriter, actor, comedian, and director elected as a new president


Zelensky till 2019 had not political view and talks about its state; he was merely an actor, comedian and screenwriter. His first political background stars early 2019.


Long times ago Zelensky has elected as real and true president by his people; they have decided on him for being a president, in particular, when in 2015 in a drama of "nation’s service”, he was elected to be new president.


The role of Zelensky in the drama was truthful and servant teacher. The reaction of the drama on people and his conduct made him to be a president. In the drama Zelensky criticized the teacher’s salary and life standards, then he decided to dominate himself for the present and he had several promises for making life’s better. After he was elected in the drama to be a president he did what promised, this makes him for being loves by the people till in the real election he has been elected for the new president.


The most significant promises in the drama were employments and apply "E-Government”. What has been noticed Zelensky merely through electronic system and social media proclaimed for himself without being participated at debates and meetings.


The drama has 20 million viewers and on YouTube has more than 100 million. Moreover, it has been translated for many other languages.


He had a significant role as truthful and criticizes president for running the government. The drama gives him famous reputation till he became the real president. Even in his election campaign he confirmed the same drama’s principles and ethics.


Here we can say that cinema and television drama has direct impacts on politics of some states.


Finally, can we ask that this phenomenon is appropriate for the Middle East, Iraq and Kurdistan? Are arts, actors, and particularly comedian through drama and films can effect on people? To answer these questions, we can say that valid democracy is the expanding gate for this process and transfers.


The most significant thing impacts of these movements on people in the context of stability liberation can achieve, this is for KRG which has not its state is totally impossible.

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