Roles of mother tongue, anthem and flag in national building

Every nation has national signs and symbols to identify his identity, one of them is flag, and Kurds as the hugest nation stateless in the Middle East has its own official flag.

Behzad Qadri

Every nation has national signs and symbols to identify his identity, one of them is flag, and Kurds as the hugest nation stateless in the Middle East has its own official flag.

Mother tongue

Language considers as one of the basic factors of exchanging views among individuals and its backbones of every nation.

Mother tongue and learning mother language has fruitful impacts on personality. Linguistics, psychologists and ecologists are agreed that beautiful voices of mom are mirror of children. That means parts of heritages, babies bring with himself is includes treasure of mother tongue. Regards to this, Babies adapted as much as personalities of their mom’s voice.

Languages are souls of humanity; languages are psychological heritages of humanity. Languages are developed, however sometimes are ruined.

People can understand each other through speaking. Completed people in society transfer to next generations through language. If we take language from community, thus social corridor will stop. Language is cultural asses.

When we are talking about protecting language, and developments of community’s culture, we will back to language because that is language which joins past with present of the society. Taking priority of mother language from any nations is big threat to isolate among individuals. Form of peaceful progress when everyone has rights to take benefits from their mother language and none obstacle be in front of this right.

Language consider as one of the significant factors of existing nations. Language symbols of ideology and culture of any nations. Making any hindrances to language developments means boycotting views and thinking.

Although learning second language is opening window to loot at the world further, but mother

Language for its own is a window and the key of other windows.

UNISCO in its definitions on mother langue claim that "any individual in society who cannot speak and write by his mother language is considering illiterates”.

Socialists believes that "mother tongue through mother’s milk pours inside baby’s body and only by death out from the body, meanwhile imposing any other languages on new babies who are in the staring procedure of learning mother tongue is counted as a crime”.

National anthem

National anthem in every country displays national identity. National anthem concentrates on national identity by its terms and music.

National anthem is piece of music or anthem that has confirmed by government as an official National anthem.

Every nation around the world has own national anthems. Regards to Kurds, the anthem of:

Hey Enemy! The Kurdish people live on

They have not been crushed by the weapons of any time

Let no one say Kurds are dead, they are living

They live and never shall we lower our flag

It was written by the Kurdish poet and political activist, Didar in 1938, while in jail. This anthem talks about suffers of Kurdish people.

The three main terms of "Flag, home, and Kurds” are the terms of Nationalism and patriotism.


Similar to National anthem in any states, flag is symbols of national identity as well. Flag through its colors discusses about national identity.

Similar to state’s name, flag’s symbols is important to recognize beliefs, views and ideologies, even its talks about history of nations.

Regards to Kurdistan flag, it consists of three colors and sun inside. The flag during the first republic of Kurdistan has marked and since that period it has established as official Kurdistan flag.

For Kurds, the flag is very crucial because it is symbols of our national identity. The Kurdish flag represents hundred years’ struggles of Kurds against his enemy who want to eliminate Kurdish identity.


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