Covid-19, Transferring Center of Power to East

Coronavirus brings new phenomenon to international relations that may leads to changing the balance of power from West to East.

Mashxal Kaulusy
Head of The Center

Covid-19 in every country involves sectors of economic, social, political and even arts accept its medicine and science issue.

If we do not go far away from the reality, we will reach the truth that Covid-19 could change model’s meanings of religious and social traditions as well.

On civilization and ideological levels, the ideological confrontations is no less than mentioned fields, the ideological confrontations has more impacts in long-term period.

There is no doubt that in future numerous researches will carry out due to this global dilemma and Covid-19 will become basics of huge changes in the area of arts, ideology and literature, as it happened in the result of 1930.

Every researcher are permitted and there would not be any obstacle in front of them to study whatever they want about the disease till the real images of its all aspects will occur.

One global experience

We cannot stop and see huge global process keeps going without sharing our views. Because at present, the globe is equal in this dilemma, no one has more info than others. They do not have knowledge than us.

Therefore, some of enterprises and healthy centers in Kurdistan give priority to themselves to produce a vaccine for the disease. This means they are not waiting till the west product and then they just buy it. This leads to the reality for broken globalization theory which is monopoles markets and even monopoles scientific researches.

Key Notes

At present, several deep changes have been occurred which may hints to global conflicts changes in near future. Here I will shortly concentrate on them:

First: with the first appearance of crises, European states closed their borders with each other. This is in a time that opening borders in Europe determined as massive achievements among European countries.

This closing border may leads to geopolitics in the future, such as national Parties will win in the future elections in EU because they are always support and suggest closing border for behalf of bringing back sovereignty to their states.

Second: stopping world economy, collapsing economic system in short time in a way that US federal bank obliged to print 4 trillion USD only in two weeks which is doubled compare to the year 2008.

In contrast, the other big economist of world "China” has not print any currency, even shows his support to other countries who has been infected with Covid-19.

Third: collapsing healthy system, financial systems pointers to collapsing globalization signs. For example, Brazil who has developed healthy system and key member of G20 announce that "in the next month, our healthy system will ruin”.

Fourth: the most notable point is EU after going back to classical border is cede to help its members, for example Serbia. Serbia is significant in this formula because since the beginning of troubles in Yugoslavia by interfering of NATO and its attacks they could overwhelm "Last Yugoslavia” problems. The Serbia state is the new baby of Europe but all members do not show their solidarity for due to Covid-19.

Fifth: in the beginning of third week of March, 2020, China despite that has not registered any new infected with Covid-19, meanwhile he confirmed that 60 per cent of its enterprises are started to working. This would be huge step due to low price of oil which is around 30 USD per barrels.

Sixth: at present Chinese prepare 550 Billion USD to agriculture season in particular rice and other products. Thus China will win without depend on printing currency.

Seventh: governing Covid-19 crisis is new for global. Here, the question is: why China without faced healthy problems overwhelmed on the crisis? While in Europe and America even toilet paper becomes huge problems everywhere.


These are the notable notices on the virus; within more extensions of the virus more new changes will appear. Even may some states will ruin and new is born through different agendas.

Transferring center of power from West to East is quick and unproblematic procedure. But that would be ongoing till the end of this century. Covid-19 speeds some of its appearances.Meanwhile we have to be aware that in sectors of economy, knowledge and military capacity, still America is in top. Therefore conflicts in the sectors of economy and politics not military capability will may ongoing till the end of the century.

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