Kurdistan in the fight against Covid-19


Academic Board of the Center
Academic Board of the Center

Coronavirus is dangerous covert enemy… it is collapsing humanity, economy and civilization… sudden enemy… tremor to the world.

This is pandemic which in quick period outbreak around the world. Even in states who have hundreds years’ experience. In the meantime, global economy met stunned shortage.

Follow ISIL fighting this is the second time for Kurd’s experience to depend on himself and take his decision. Kurdistan regional government KRG deals very wisely with the virus such as protection strategies, step by step cooperation with this global dilemma that the whole valued his steps.Before the disease outbreak the territory, the Kurdistan premier declared that "Our duty is protecting our people”

This is in a while that several of world’s states have not started their protection strategies, even in some countries states declare that "Wait to see the death of your lovers”.

Therefore KRG steps of protection has valued by some media press agencies and foreign diplomatic delegations as well.

General council of US in Erbil stated that "the authorities in Iraqi Kurdistan are implementing some aggressive measure because they know what the terrible consequences will be here if they have a massive outbreak”.

At present, Kurdistan becomes a front to recognize richness experience in global fighting against Covid-19. Kurdistan takes both actions either protection strategies and felt the terrible result of the problems.

Kurdistan people quickly built some private hospitals to the patients. Each of healthy centers, police, security forces and Peshemrga are the key factor to success in caring the people. Merchants and markets are not confused instead of reducing foods and goods in markets; it has increased apposite to some European states.

Moreover, In Iraqi Kurdistan civilian organization have participated in awareness campaigns in the fight against Covid-19… regards to this step, Chawy Kurd Center participated in distributing healthy awareness instructions and cleaning matters.

Triumphs of human kind on Coronavirus in Wuhan- China, Kurdistan, Europe and entire world become an experience that KRG shoulder to shoulder with his population are in fronts. Thus Corona experience makes close the Kurdistan governing system in actual governing stages.



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