Political Assessments against Covid-19 in Kurdistan region

Kurdistan region government has taken serious efforts against risks of Covid-19; Kurdistan region is gave its priority to be against Coronavirus.
These steps of governments have taken significant roles in the process of protections against the virus and control its risks.

Saman Salih
Freelance journalist _ MA at political Systems

Following the outbreak of the new coronavirus from Wuhan- China at the end of 2019 which then by world health organization WHO recognized as Covid-19 is considered as a fatal epidemic due to its threats on humans. Around the world, due to control and defeat its threats every governments regards to their nature and capacities have taken series policy to overwhelm the virus.

In this regard, Kurdistan regional government after the outbreak of the virus especially quick outbreak in Iran’s neighbor has announced his quick responses to defeat outbreak the virus by implementing in several different stages. In the stages for protections against the virus, KRG through its diverse establishments in central Erbil and local governments have implemented its policy that we called "KRG public policy” in ways of defeating the Covid-19.

Our aims in public policy of KRG to defeat the covid-19 are consist of the whole decisions that issued in different sectors which includes (press, instructions, statements, plans, solidarities and agreements between diverse sectors). The whole ways have been implemented from the end of February up to date.


In this piece, I would shortly concentrate on the government strategies toward the virus:

First: public policy against the Covid-19

By depending on T. Dye we want to analysis the KRG response with the Covid-19. When the virus outbreak in Iran the nearest neighbor of KRG and analysis its threats on population, the KRG has steps some stages as:

1.Creating high committee to reactions of Covid-19 on ministries council levels.

2.Devote special budget to defeat the virus.

3.Giving authority to governorates and administration units in order to take private principles according to their locations.

4.Urgent preparations of the whole interior and security forces.

These basics stages by the KRG have massive roles in controlling the virus as soon as possible. Due to take further principles, the KRG by taking benefits from the Chinese method and its nature has implemented preparation stages to protect against the Covid-19, such as:

1.Lockdown in KRG.

2.Lockdown between provinces.

3.Lockdown between administration units (towns, villages and districts).

4.Indicate dateline for those who are in abroad, especially in Iran.

5.Asks for quarantines those come back illegally form Iran.

6.Urgent preparations of operation room, healthy teams and security forces.

7.Quarantining anyone who back from foreign countries, according to its list was about 33 states.

8.Prohibited public transportation among Kurdistan and Iraqi cities.

9.Limiting trading moves and imports goods from border gates.

10. Closing the whole tourist places and stopping sport activities.

11. Closing air flights except diplomatic, UN delegations and allies.

12. Healthy checks in every entering border.

13. Stopping visa to enter the region for eight countries of Asia and Italy.

14. Stopping government activities in entire government establishments except the ministry of Peshmerga, interior, security forces and healthy.

15. Providing special budget to provinces and some centers in provinces due to indicate those who are infect with the virus.

16. Managing city center and daily needs places of population.

17. Healthy cares in refugee camps.

18. Avoiding any social and religion gatherings.

19. Stopping study at schools and Universities.

20. Giving authority to related ministers for helping trading places that have share loses due to protection policy of the Covid-19.

In sum, I want to say that, the public policy of KRG against the Covid-19 is not complete and without lacks, but due to assessing the world and region’s circumstances, they have implemented difficult and firm decisions to overwhelm the stages and the whole capacities have been used as well.

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