Crimes of insults in religion beliefs in Kurdistan


Karzan Mohamad PhD
Journalist & University Lecturer

Efforts to to make an environment for religion coexistence has long history in Kurdistan, Kurdistan governments are trying to expand the relations among the whole religions in the country in a way which they displayed pleasant images. The most notable one is strong relations of Kurdish Muslims with Jews and Christians since the Sheikh Mahmoud revolt (1920s) for instance the most significant minster in his cabinet, financial ministry was committed to lead by Karimi Allaka a Christian’s person. This Consistence between Muslims and Christians of Erbil, and Kakayees of Halabja with Muslims are appear at now and will stay for future as well. Due to control media freedom in Kurdistan region, they issued several laws for both terms (beliefs and religions) because there are difference religions as (Islam, Christian, Yazidi) and doctrines as (Kakeyee, Haqa, Naqishbandi and Qadiri) within unlike ideologies such as (Nationalisms, Islamism and sectarianism).


In article (9) of publishing laws number (10) in the year of 1993 has issued "any statements that embolden terror activities, concentrate on prohibited subjects and insults personality either supreme religious men or religions and doctrines are not allowed to publish” but this article has not precisely mentioned on aggressions points, this leads to make complexity in interests toward those who want to rise the violence. It would be better to write as "insults to religions and beliefs” is extremely avoid.


In the article 35 in the year of 2007 stated that "insulting any religious symbolisms and honors” is prohibit and punishments of this article is money punishment between 1 to 5 Iraqi million dinars.


This article also has positive and negative aspects:


-The negative side of the article is risks that article become a tool by some people for those who "criticize the different beliefs” are counted as criminals.


-A vague freedom limitation has created risks to limiting the expressions toward religion and beliefs as well.



-Religion coexistence is easy theoretically, but it would face difficulties in practice. Especially after occurring extremists.


Positive sides of this article


-Today religion becomes a part of public views among society, thus protections of religion sacred means respecting morality of people.


-Obeying for religion in Kurdish society is in high level, thus religion is crucial factor for motivating people to follow the law.


-Islam religion believers have rights to defend their religions, meanwhile it would be their duties to respect the religion which talks about respecting other religions.


In sum, Kurdistan region population are mostly Muslims, therefore everyone should to respect its principles and in the same time we have to pay attentions to other Muslims around the world in Europe, America and other states, this means before respecting other Muslims around the world, we must respect the minorities in Kurdistan region.

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