China and Kurdistan, their Experiences against Coronavirus

China and Kurdistan's experiences against coronavirus are successful by the witness of all. Furthermore, they will conduct lots of scientific research in the future.

Academic Board of the Center
Academic Board of the Center

Coronavirus had emerged in china, the government carried out some important steps which astonished the world, and another amazing step was disciplined (1400000) people effortlessly. Chinese people are announced by their quietness and durability; they confront the issues via scientific researches neither from screaming on the channels nor writing articles.

During fourteen days of curfew in China all people stayed at their homes, they obeyed the government instructions, we didn’t see any opposition members of the Chinese political parties exploit that opportunity and encourage people against the government. In a short time, the Chinese have built the greatest hospital, provided the labs and medical instruments immediately.

The Chinese attempted to find a treatment for this fatal virus quickly, they didn’t wait for (WHO) due to finding a vaccine or a treatment. Despite a huge number of populations, they provided everything to their citizens if they need it through a responsible for every quarter of China’s cities, this offer was available for every individual without differentiation neither nepotism nor favoritism was worked.

The fundamentals of such a governing are honesty, if someone did any irresponsible behavior against the public interest, it would be punished harshly!The drivers would not try to break the curfew, only the volunteers were seen on the streets due to surviving their community. The citizens trusted the government information and listening attentively to the government recommendation and instruction. No one had any doubt about the government’s data and no one spoke against the government.The Chinese Media worked like beehives to survive humanity from that epidemic. Although China has had a hundredth of casualty and hundredth billion dollars materially damage, they didn’t look after, they looked forward while a possible plot has felt against China!

Finally, around (200) million students have started their studies, not through class attendance but they take online lessons to improve to the world they will not give up learning in any unwanted situation.

In Kurdistan region, despite a brief experience of management, it has faced the same problem like China, during the corona outbreak, the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has worked seriously to confront this fatal virus even the countries consulates appreciated the (KRG)’s attempts, moreover, the Kurdish in the diaspora as well. In the curfew times, no issue has been seen as lacking food, oil, etc.

The (KRG) prime mister in a statement says "your protection is our responsibility; you have to take care of your health and follow the instructions”. If we compare the Kurdistan governing experience with the surrounding countries and the south and middle cites of Iraq in preparation against this virus, quarantining people and building the hospital an accurate experience is been felt in(KRG) and it will be possible in the upcoming times taking advantages from such experiences.

China and Kurdistan's experiences against coronavirus are successful by the witness of all. Furthermore, they will conduct lots of scientific research in the future.

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