Chawy Kurd Center for political developments is a semi-academic, non-beneficial center which works in public political education among Kurdish education areas.

Chawy Kurd center for political developments have not belonged to any groups or political parties inside KRG and abroad, but we are ready for assistance and cooperation with anyone who needs our scientific and expert staff. The whole cooperation has been examined in the context of academics and political science.

The long-term intention of the center is participating from the scientific infrastructure of political decisions and Kurdish ideological decisions in the KRG. For this purpose the Center is ready to associate with other academic centers for cooperation in research, surveys and scientific analysis. One of the main priorities of the center can have crucial participation in creating Kurds identity for individuals and Kurdish policy by depending on Kurdistan national security issues.

Chawy Kurd center for political developments works in the process of state buildings and nation building. The center concentrates on creating national ideology which serves building a state of Kurdistan.